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The Original Game

screenshot of pokemon tower defense game

If you’re tired of waiting for Pokémon X and Y to hurry up and get themselves released, then Pokemon Tower Defense 1 may be the title that will ease the pain of anticipation. Battle, trade, evolve, and embark upon a series of adventures with this tower defense title that remains true to the name and sentiment of Pokémon.

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The Third 1 is Here!

For all you eager fans of the series, the third title is finally upon us and you can play it now at our website. Collect more pokemon and fight more battles with pokemon.

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Version 1: Hacked

screenshot of pokemon tower defense hacked game

Trying to make your way in the world of PTD is pretty tough, and a new starter in the game has a significant chunk of training to do in order to make their Pokémon strong enough to enjoy progress in the game. This all changes with the cheat version, though, since you can train your Pokémon in half the time and capture them with 1/10th of the effort. Smashing, wouldn’t you say? 

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screenshot of pokemon tower defense 2 game

Whether or not you have experience with the tower defense genre or the generation-captivating Pokémon franchise, PTD Generations is a combining of the two genres that borders on genius. Capture, battle, breed, train, and evolve Pokémon in story mode or go head to head with Pokémon trainers in classic Pokémon style thanks to 1vs1 mode. With new Pokémon, new levels, and new challenges being added regularly, the adventure evolves on a weekly basis, making this game stand alone as the best and most interactive browser-based Pokémon title available in the world today. 

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Version 2: Hacked

screenshot of pokemon tower defense 2 hacked game

Love the tower-defense-flavoured catching and training action of the second game in the series but hate its consumption of your free time? Well, fear not, my fellow fan fervent Pokémon enthusiasm, as this hacked version is a way to enjoy all of the brilliance of the original game, only with levelling up and capture hacks that make the whole thing much easier and much less time consuming.

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