Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

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Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Original Tower Defense Action with Monkeys


Of all the genres of game in existence, there are none as simultaneously addictive and challenging as the tower defense kind. While tower defense games come in many shapes and formats such as robot games, Pokémon Tower Defense, and even the real-time strategy kind seen in Forge of Empires, it is hard to shy away from the success of the Bloon Tower Defense series. After four successful titles, Bloon Tower Defense 5 is perhaps the most popular and most entertaining yet, offering more variations on the act of repeatedly popping waves of balloons than ever before. Sharpen your darts and prepare to waste excessive quantities of rubber in this addictive and frustratingly-challenging tower defense game.


Some tower defense games employ robots as their towers, whereas others have soldiers; Bloons Tower Defense, however, has always employed the use of monkeys to defend against the onslaught the balloon armies that float in from all directions. The idea is to strategically position your various kinds of dart-throwing monkey towers around the map in order to quickly and efficiently pop all of the balloons that enter the maze-like structure that you are defending. In the early throws of the game, everything seems very simple and only a little challenging, but the difficulty soon rises dramatically along with the number and type of balloons that are whizzing past. In these stages, careful and strategic positioning of your monkeys is the key to success, though it takes a little more than simple positioning to beat the balloons.

Why So Addictive?

One of the main reasons that you feel compelled to continue playing the game is the many kinds of upgrades that become available as you play. You begin with the most basic of monkeys, but are able to unlock and purchase different towers with monkey money that you win for surviving each round. The different monkey towers are unique in their function and can themselves be upgraded with items like sharper ammunition to pop the ‘bloons’ more quickly. The towers range from the regular dart thrower to sniper monkeys and boomerang throwers, each with their own differing levels effectiveness against particular kinds of balloon. There are also single-use ‘secret agents’ available for purchase such as the ‘Bloonsday Device’, all of which can aid you on your way to victory. The types of balloons also vary from the regular type that take one regular hit with the dart to pop, to multi-layered balloons and even the deadly ZOMG, short for Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuanness, which appears later on at stage 85. As you progress through the stages, you are required to pop increasing numbers of balloons in order to clear each level, and with the number of variables in terms of balloons, towers, and upgrades, the average gamer is therefore going to have a challenge on their hands.


On the surface, it is unlikely that you would conclude that things have been drastically changed or improved. The graphics have been simplified slightly in order to prevent the large amounts of lag that affected Bloons Tower Defense 4 in the later levels, though anyone playing on low-end machines may want to close most, if not all of their programs before playing this game. The new self-healing heart balloon adds a little variety to the game if you are a long-running fan, and the introduction of a ‘missions’ feature is a welcome improvement to the replayability of the game, allowing you to play through side-challenges in which you must adhere to certain criteria and limitations to your inventory while beating the level.   


It is hard to argue with a series that has 5 incredibly popular titles under its belt, particularly when its fifth and most recent installment could be described as a leading title in the genre of tower defense in general. Ninja Kiwi has made significant improvements from the original in terms of performance, and the new tower-types and additional balloon type are also welcome changes, along with the missions that increase replayability considerably.