Forge of Empires Game

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Forge of Empires – Real-time strategy with empire defense being the first priority

The Idea

Forge of Empires puts you in charge of an initially small settlement consisting of a town hall and not much else. The challenge of the game is initially in building your empire from the bottom up, starting in the Stone Age with huts and primitive centres of production. Over time, you are given the opportunity to research different kinds of technology in order to advance your settlement through the different ages of man, carrying them through the medieval period and developing into a well-constructed, self-sufficient society based on efficient production of resources, effective management of income, and the balancing of the population and their happiness. Geographical expansion of your empire is also encouraged through use of force, which requires that you build an army and invade surrounding provinces in order to gather resources and increase the size of your empire.


The whole game is played from a top-down perspective, with the camera hovering over your empire at the perfect viewing angle for you to monitor everything that happens within it. Everything is controlled by the mouse via a menu system which allows you to select the various buildings and structures required to build an empire. Balancing the production of resources with your income and the population size is one of the main challenges of the resource-management side of the game. Residential buildings provide you with population numbers and monetary income on a regular basis, though nothing can be built without ‘supplies’, which are produced in production buildings such as potterys, fruit farms and goat farms. These production buildings in turn require sufficient population numbers to be constructed in the first place, and so the cycle of dependence continues, forcing you to balance population numbers with the number of production buildings present in your empire.

Military might is also a concern in Forge of Empires since your town can be attacked and plundered by other players of this massively multiplayer online game; you will also need an army in order to invade and seize surrounding territories for the expansion of your empire. Military buildings are constructed in the same manner as residential and production types; different levels of soldier and weapon can be produced according to which buildings are available to you. The battles take place in a turn-based format on a piece of terrain that houses your army on one side and the opponent’s forces on the opposite end. Each move is controlled directly by you, which is a refreshing change to the common format of battles simply playing out automatically with minimal input.


Forge of Empires is unique in its following of your society from Stone Age through to the Middle Ages, with your progression reliant upon the amount of technological research you perform. In the research menu, you are able to undertake the researching of new concepts and ideas such as the wheel, and moving on to things such as military concepts, iron mongering, intellectual concepts such as physics and maths, and different materials for use in production. The progression of your civilisation is based upon this research, with each technological progression allowing you to build different buildings with increasing advantage to your society. Houses begin as huts but as technology is developed, you are able to build roof-tile houses and villas. This unique historical take on the management and progression of your society makes Forge of Empires one of the best browser-based real-time strategy games available. The only drawback is the freemium content which must be purchased with diamonds, though these are still optional and are not entirely necessary for progression within the game.


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