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Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Game doesn't yet exist, but here are a few features that would be welcomed if and when it does. While you are waiting for this game to be developed, why not play one of our other games below:

Pokémon Tower Defense 3 – Ideas and pre-impressions for a future sequel 

A Brilliant Mix

Pokémon Tower Defense is an incredibly entertaining mix of the well-known, widely-loved genre within itself that is Pokémon and the challenging, well-established tower defense format. Having entertained thousands of fans for two heavily pixelated titles so far, one cannot help but look to the future and wonder what the future holds for Sam and Dan and Pokémon Tower Defense 3. It’s probably a long way off, and may never come into existence in the first place, but success is built on ideas, and ideas sometimes come from dreams: I’ve laid out my Ideas-cum-dreams for future features of a possible Pokémon Tower Defense 3 below.

TMs and HMs and Birds, Oh My!

 The inclusion of TMs and HMS in Pokémon Tower Defense 3 would allow Pokémon to learn moves that would otherwise be impossible for them to learn. HMs would be particularly useful in a final version of Pokémon Tower Defense 3 since you could fly from place to place, or dig your way out of pesky tunnels/dark caves and perform all manner of actions that are currently note possible in the previous titles. Having to possess certain HMs would also provide a good ceiling for the progress of a player, requiring them to complete certain sections or missions before being rewarded with a certain HM, the possession of which will allow them to progress to the next section of the game. These TMs/HMs feel like a gift that just keep on giving.

Multi-Region: Pokémon’s Greatest Hits

What’s with all this single-region nonsense? I know the Pokémon Tower Defense 2 brought Ash, Gary and other classic characters from the Kanto and other regions back, but this isn’t enough allusion to the Pokémon past. In my eyes, there is no valid reason why Pokémon Tower Defense 3 cannot incorporate multiple regions of the Pokémon world into its gameplay. It doesn’t necessarily have to be entire regions, perhaps just notable sections from each, such as Black City/White Forest from Unova, the already-existing Ruins of Alph from Johto, and Mt. Moon from Kanto. With the aforementioned HMs such as Fly and Surf available, travelling from region to region wouldn’t even need much justification or work. Then again, what do I know, I’m simply an overly-nerdy, massively-enthusiastic Pokémon fan with unrealistic expectations and improbable aspirations for the future of the incredible Pokémon Tower Defense series.

The 151: Original and Best

There aren’t many speculation articles out there that don’t at least touch upon the subject of the original Pokémon, and I am making no attempt to be an exception to this tendency to look back to the past. I’m not sure if it is because I am a heavy fan of the vintage (this is a reference to the extent of my admiration for vintage and not to my actual bodyweight) or because it is an objective fact that the first generation of Pokémon is the best, but incorporation of the original 151 in Pokémon Tower Defense 3 would be a favourable move. I don’t mean restricting the selection to these Pokémon, but at least some more incorporation into the storylines. We had the legendary Zapdos causing chaos in Cherrygrove City and a bunch of shady and shadowy Bellsprouts wreaking havoc in Violet City in Pokémon Tower Defense 2; the possibilities are limited only to the actual number of original Pokémon that exist. Incorporating the trio of legendary birds would be a nice touch, as would all of Eevee’s ‘eeveelutions’, or even Mew and Mewto re-appearing, even if it’s just to show face.

Mystery Gifts to Remain Mysterious; Frequency of Updates reduced

I’m not trying to spoil the fun of Pokémon Tower Defense - which as we all know lies in the constantly-evolving nature of the game through the regular updates – but due to the frequency of the updates, the results they provide in terms of actual playable content aren’t that hefty and are incremental, with content often being quite thin and sometimes even rushed. Reducing the frequency of the storyline updates would result in higher-quality gameplay and altogether meatier content when the updates do happen. We’ve got the mystery gift giveaways to keep us occupied in the meantime, anyway.